Xinhao Liu (刘歆昊)

I am a senior undergraduate student at NYU Shanghai. My major is Honors Mathematics and Data Science. I'm currently an undergraduate research assistant at AI4CE Lab, mentored by Prof. Chen Feng.

My research interest is the intersection of Computer Vision and Robotics. More specifically, I'm interested in how autonomous agents perceive, understand, and reason the environment through vision. My recent projects include topics like visual place recognition (VPR), LiDAR SLAM, and spatial reasoning.

Coming soon.

Spring 2022

Self-supervised Learning for Object Detection
Final competition (rank 4/21) of CSCI-GA 2572 Deep Learning ( Prof. Yann Lecun, Prof. Alfredo Canziani )
Xinhao Liu, Haresh Rengaraj R, Zicheng Wang
[Report] [Github]

Fall 2021

Simulation of a Rocket Launch
Final project of MATH-UA 395 Special Topics ( Prof. Charles S. Peskin )
Xinhao Liu
[Report] [Github]

Fall 2021

Simulation of Vehicle on Ground
Mid-term project of MATH-UA 395 Special Topics ( Prof. Charles S. Peskin )
Xinhao Liu
[Report] [Github]

Spring 2021

Mask-Compatible Face Verification System
Final project of CSCI-SHU 360 Machine Learning ( Prof. Li Guo )
Xinhao Liu, Wenbin Qi
[Report] [Github]

Spring 2020

Security Chat System
Final Project of CSCI-SHU 101 Introduction to Computer Science ( Prof. Li Guo , Prof. Xianbin Gu )
Xinhao Liu, Yuanxin Zhang
[Github] [Video]


UGSRP Research Fund, NYU Tandon


Reserach Fund, NYU Shanghai


Dean's Undergraduate Research Fund, NYU Shanghai


I write some notes for the paper I read during reserach occasionnaly. They can be found in my Zhihu(知乎) page


I love taking photos in my daily life and when I'm traveling. They can be found in my Portfolio page


Similar as photos, I love shooting videos of different topics. They cen be found in my Bilibili page


Check out these amazing friends of mine:
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